As an eye surgeon who is a medical professional, a lot of our patients ask us about other medical professionals and who we recommend.

Here’s my thoughts on the dentistry market, who to use, and what to do when you move to a new area and you need to find a dentist.

Do you want to find a new dentist who will help keep your teeth healthy and clean?

Whatever the reasons for your search, follow our top tips for finding the best dentist in adelaide for your needs.

  1. Ask Local Friends and Family

Recommendations are generally the best way to find a really good dentist who will be personable, reassuring and professional. Chances are that if they’re good enough to recommend, you’ll like them but it’s always worth getting a few different ideas so that you can see who you feel most comfortable with.

If you have children, ask parents at the local school or if you work nearby, ask your colleagues who they see for their dental needs.

  1. Work Out Which Services You Need

Ask yourself whether you simply want a dentist who will be able to give you a check up twice a year, or do you want someone more specialist to do some extensive dental work for you?

Depending on your specific needs, you may have to seek out the right sort of dental practice for you.

  1. Where and When

It’s important to have a dentist that you can get to easily. You don’t want to have to travel too far although it’s important to make a compromise if you do find the perfect match a little further away from you. Additionally, always check the opening times and find out what their policy is if you have a dental emergency.

  1. Professionalism is Key

The majority of people tend to feel a little nervous going to the dentist. A professional well presented surgery with a pleasant waiting room and well mannered staff will be absolutely crucial to making your experience a little less daunting. Always check to see whether the dentists are wearing coats, sterile gloves and eye protectors.

  1. Additional Services and Referrals

Check whether your dentist will be able to offer you additional services such as X rays if the need arises. You may even need an expert child dentist so it’s best to check that first!

Without this, you may find yourself having to source additional dental specialists yourself. Also check out the experts who the dentists refer to and whether they work locally to you or not. It’s also important to know in advance exactly which services will incur additional fees.