Thousands of cataract surgeries are performed every day around the world. It’s an incredibly common operation and one that is generally free of any major complications.

Normal cataract surgery can be as quick as 10 minutes to perform, however recovery can often take a little longer.

Eye surgery

Eye surgery in action


Follow these top tips to ensure that your recovery from cataract surgery goes as smoothly as the operation itself:

1. Keep yourself in optimum health

Before any operation, it’s always worth ensuring that your health is the best that it can be. This will aid a speedy recovery and allow your body to focus all its healing efforts in one place.

Your surgeon will ask for a full medical history before carrying out your operation so ensure that they have details of anything they need to know regarding your health.

2. Immediately after your operation

Once your cataract surgery has been performed, you’ll need to rest to allow the effects of the sedation or anaesthesia to wear off. This can be anytime from 30 minutes to an hour. Allow yourself to fully relax during this time and keep calm with deep breathing exercises.

3. Sunglasses and a Friend

These will be your two essentials after your surgery. You’ll need to wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from the natural glare and any bright lights. You’ll also need a friend or family member to accompany you safely to your home afterwards as your vision may well be cloudy or distorted.

4. Removing the protective shield

Each cataract surgery is different however many surgeons advise that you are able to remove the protective shield from your eye within several hours of your surgery.

When you sleep or nap however, you must tape the shield or the Adelaide skylights back over your eye for the first couple of days after your surgery.

5. After Effects

Most patients encounter some after effects of cataract surgery however don’t be alarmed and be assured that recovery time is generally quick. It’s possible that patients can develop red or bloodshot eyes however this is simply due to temporary damage to blood vessels.

In the case that patients have opted for an injection, there may be some bruising of the eye which could take a few days to heal. For more information head over to